Where to Buy Swimming Shorts

Tomorrow we finally in the long-awaited vacation. The well-deserved break is booked for months and my friend and I can not wait, laid to rest by the sea and bruzeln in the sun. Anticipation and excitement since this week immeasurably. Now only the last little things still need to be stowed in the boot and then kanns go… Finally!

For women just typical, we already make us days earlier thoughts which “7” things we want to take with you. I sit since yesterday pretty much on our suitcases while my friend like rather makes everything at the last minute and forgets that his LAST BATH SHORTS but had a hole. True, there was something.In plain language: We must still last minuteto go shopping … But men are times now and we love them so anyway

Since my friend is probably not the only candidate for this strain, I quickly picked you some cool swim shorts with which your holiday nothing stands in the way:

Cool Last Minute Swim Shorts for Your Holiday

For the men, who prefer more discreet and classic, there are these retro swimming shorts. Great extra: The side or back pockets, into which one can toss small coins in order to enjoy drinks at the beach bar a refreshment.

Print is What We Need

Of course this year THE “pattern” -Badehosen par. Prints are in my opinion just on vacation is a MUST.Men who therefore prefer to have something crazy and want to attract attention, to come here get their money.

Eyecatcher Colours

Flashy colors are totally hip. Be it in Hotpink, mint green or Ocean Blue, in these eye-catching pieces we see not definitely Black

And the best part of the swim shorts? All go shopping for under 50 €… So if that is not a snapper times, let’s go to the last-minute shopping.

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