10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

Start making classes of bodybuilding is the first measure of who is looking for a body more defined. In addition, you have an adequate power supply makes no difference to the results appear. “This question is unanswerable. A diet deficient or evil can directly affect the performance and the result of the training, mainly by the consumption of the wrong carbs, or on the other hand, the excessive consumption moments before the physical practice,” explains the nutritionist Maria Luiza Bellotto, specializing in Sports Nutrition.

10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass 1

Second the specialist, as well as some foods may disrupt the performance, others help in the formation of the muscles, in maintaining the health of muscle tissue, and increase energy during the exercise.

The most important nutrient for anyone who is in search of muscles more bulky and defined is the protein. “The proteins have the function of repair the locking up and tearing that occur as a physiological process normal when practicing physical activity and to provide his regeneration and formation of new muscle cells. They also have the fundamental role in the formation of hormones in general, and transport of nutrients by the body,” explains Maria Luiza Bellotto.

So, to stay in shape (Find out your ideal weight) and to improve the outcome of the training, choose the right foods to put in the dish.


It has essential amino acids to form muscle tissue and also to keep it running well. “The yolk of the egg is formed by protein of high biological value. So, she will combat locking up and tearing, and help new cells to be formed,” he says. In addition, the egg is also a source of vitamin D, which increases the synthesis of proteins and, consequently, help in the formation of new muscles.

Ideal amount: one egg with yolk, which is equivalent to 120 calories

Olive oil

Rich in monounsaturated fats and polyphenols, olive oil prevents the oxidation of the tissues, a process that leads to the aging of the muscles. It also decreases the levels of bad cholesterol, the LDL, in the bloodstream, protects against strokes and attacks and also gives more energy. According to the nutritionist, these fats are sources of energy for cells throughout the body, increasing the resistance of the muscle cells.

Ideal amount: use one to two tablespoons per day, in salads and also for cooking


Light and refreshing, the pineapple is ideal to be consumed just before the workout. It is a source of potassium, magnesium and calcium, minerals are directly involved in muscle contraction. It also contains vitamins A, B1 and C, which prevent the oxidation of the muscles. “Foods of low to medium glycemic index, easily digestible, and fiber, such as fruit, are great to be consumed before a workout, since they do not weigh on the stomach and contains nutrients and vitamins important for the body”, says Maria Luiza Bellotto.

10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass 2


A study done by the University of Evansville, in the United States, concluded that the soya protein acts in the synthesis and in the replacement of proteins lost during physical activity. So, to put soy in the diet help not only in the formation of muscle tissue as well as in its maintenance.


Consume this small fruit two times per day can help reduce muscle soreness caused by exercise, says a study done by the University of Northumbria in the United Kingdom. “The cherry has large quantities of potassium, fiber and vitamin C, important nutrients for the body, and that can accelerate the muscle recovery process,” says the nutritionist Carla Fiorillo, of the Unifesp.


Who always ate spinach thinking in the example of Popeye nailed it. This vegetable has octacosanol, a substance present in dark green vegetables that increases the oxygen uptake by the muscles. “The octacosanol enhances the process of generation of energy by the breaking of sugars, fats and proteins. Therefore, if you do not increases significantly, the muscle strength, at least we already know the spinach directly participates in the metabolism of energy production for the muscles,” explains Maria Luiza Bellotto

10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass 3

Red meat

It is the main source of vitamin B12, which is essential for the proper functioning of nerve and muscle cells of the body. In addition, red meat is a source of all essential amino acids for the body, iron, zinc and protein. In choosing the meat, it is worth to choose the cuts of lean, such as the cake, lizard and filet mignon.

Ideal amount: of red meat should be consumed two to three times per week. A steak, medium-lean meat has 150 to 200 calories and not committed to the diet.


Source of iron and vitamin C, this vegetable decreases the muscle fatigue caused by physical activity very intense, according to a study done by Cornell University in the United States.


As approximately 70% of our muscles are formed by water, it is very important to keep the body hydrated to have a musculature more voluminous and defined. “In addition, without water there is no protein synthesis efficiently, which hinders the formation of new muscle tissue,” says Maria Luiza Bellotto.


For those who feel many pain after you exercise, eat broccoli is fundamental. A study done by the University of South Carolina, in the United States, found that eating a portion of broccoli in at least one of the meals of the day can help prevent pain in the muscles, quite common after the exercises. “This study shows a result very much possible, since the broccoli is a food rich in antioxidant vitamins. The carotenoids present in large amounts in broccoli are the beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxantine. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, that cause damage to healthy cells,” explains Maria Luiza Bellotto.