A Brazilian at the Top of the Mountain of God in Nepal

With our support, from the preparation, Dino Camargo climbed and conquered the mountain forbidden; learn more!

A Brazilian at the Top of the Mountain of God in Nepal

A team of eleven mountaineers from five countries held an unprecedented feat on October 21. At 14h30, they came to the top of the Mountain of God, the call to the mountain forbidden, in the Himalayas. Among them, a brazilian advertising, specialist in neuroscience and curitiba, Dino Camargo, who had our support in food, from the preparation until the completion of the challenge. Check out the details of the glory of conquering a mountain, the virgin, who had never been climbing in the breathtaking scenery of Nepal.

On the expedition

The Mountain of God, with 6.125 m high, lies close to the small village of Sherpa from Beding, in that one of the most experienced climbers of Nepal, Mingma Tsiri Sherpa was born. Including, he has also reached the top of Everest 19 times and was the first Nepali to climb K2 – a resume and both and an irresistible.

With a special permission from the government of Nepal, Mingma called five climbers nepalis and six climbers foreign to escalating into the unknown. The match, in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, happened on the 13th of October. The entire journey, there and back, was covered in 16 days, between moments of physical exhaustion and emotional, in addition to accidents among climbers.

“It was a mental battle more than physical,” says Dino Camargo. “Physically, at the end, I felt almost completely without energy. The mountain was very technical and the physical requirement has been extreme,” he adds.


For him, a mountaineer experienced, with 25 years of climbing, the preparation of six months was crucial to get up to the top, in spite of the extreme difficulties. “The workout routine consisted of a daily run five to eight miles. Yoga for stretching and protection muscle, in addition to the benefit of the training of concentration,” he explains.

And there’s more: “CrossFit journal workout of intensity for a time. And, at the end of the week, eight to 10 hours of trekking in the mountains of the region. Climbs ladder and weight training for strengthening they completed the training.”

Food and fellowship

In the first two phases of climbing, between Kathmandu and the Field Basis, and the period of acclimation, food played a central role among the climbers. The adrenaline that precedes the ascent and the attack to the summit is greeted with get-togethers with your meals to revitalise the spirits, feed the spirit and cheer on the team, describes Camargo.

“A tasty meal and nutritious food has a decisive role in the morale of the team. The gourmet line of Jasmine Food once more was the right option to compose a menu balancing with fruits, vegetables and meats of the region. And still counting with the benefit of whole-grain products, and organic, that are even more nutritious and natural,” he explains.

Our products have also helped Dino in the next phase, attack to the summit. “This expedition, the phase lasted 22 hours of non-stop effort. Were 12 hours of climbing and 10 hours of descent. As we were in climbing walls or balancing on the crest towards the top, the power was very limited,” he says.

The solution, according to him, is to have the right product, with the practicality combined with the flavor and energy. “The Cereal Bars, Smoothies, Superfruits and Fruits Crispy proved to be powerful allies because of the energy that delivered in a size and weight reduced. Good calories provided by the Trails and the Mix of Seeds were also a great source of energy during the whole journey,” recalls the adventurous.

The conquest of the mountain

The feeling of reaching the top is always difficult to describe. For Camargo, the result of the effort of continuous 22 hours of marathon against the mountain is expressed with joy and gratitude. “Communion absolutely with the planet, with nature and with the strength that exists in each of us. Gratitude!”, he exalts.

At the end of the descent, which is just as excruciating as the arrival at the summit, the mountaineer brazilian celebrated with new plans. In 2016, he wants to climb one of the 14 mountains of 8,000 m in the Himalaya and prepare for the most difficult mountain in the world, K2, in Pakistan.


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