Know When the Pilates Exercises Are More Suitable

The Pilates is suitable for people of all ages, and can be performed by men, women, children, pregnant women and elderly people who already practice some kind of physical activity and also sedentary, helping to lengthen and strengthen the muscles, improve strength and flexibility throughout the body.

This activity requires coordination between the body and the mind and, therefore, it requires a lot of concentration and control between the breath to the correct performance of the movements, because Pilates works the whole body, being that the main muscles used abdominals, glutes and back.

How to do Pilates exercises

Know When the Pilates Exercises Are More Suitable 1

There are 2 ways of practicing the exercises, and can be performed on the ground using your own body weight and some instruments such as weights, springs and balls, or by using specific apparatus Pilates. The two techniques bring many benefits how to lose weight, define your body, increase strength, improve balance and flexibility, but they must be made with the guidance of an instructor, especially when the person has never practiced Pilates before.

Benefits of Pilates for every stage of life

The main benefits of the Pilates method for each stage of life are mentioned below.

1. Pilates for Seniors

The Pilates is a form of low impact exercise, ideal for older people with or without injuries to muscles, bones or tendons, or who has not done any exercise recently. In addition, it helps maintain a healthy weight, increase flexibility and improve coordination and balance.

Know When the Pilates Exercises Are More Suitable 2

2. Pilates for athletes

The Pilates method promotes the development of technique, strength and flexibility that contributes to a better performance in practice of other sports such as football, tennis or bodybuilding, and additionally, may help to decrease the injuries of the sport.

3. Pilates for children and adolescents

This method helps children learn the limits of one’s own body, develop muscles and gain flexibility, and good breath, contributing to growth and development more healthy.

4. Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates exercises bring benefits to pregnant women as strengthening of the muscles, decreasing back pain and helping to prevent urinary incontinence, which is common in pregnancy. However, you should pay special attention because some exercises can lead to imbalance, favoring the fall. Here’s a list of exercises in pilates that pregnant women can do.

Know When the Pilates Exercises Are More Suitable 3

5. Pilates to recover from an injury

The practice of Pilates can help you regain mobility after a trauma, such as fractured bones, dislocation, muscle pain of the back, like lumbago. In this case, however, it is important that the lessons are guided by the physiotherapist with knowledge of the method so that it can be done the best exercises to speed up recovery.