Pre–And Post-training: 5 Tips of Diet for Those Who Knit

Many foods can go in and out of fashion, but what remains is the certainty that a menu coached by a nutritionist can make all the difference in the item “goal x result”. And it is not for less! In a general way, the nutritionists are unanimous when it comes to food for anyone who does weight training regularly: it is necessary to keep an eye on the nutrients, in addition, of course, to follow some essential tips.

Pre–And Post-training 5 Tips of Diet for Those Who Knit

Tips of diet for those who knit

Check out how should be the eating routine of those who practice workout on a regular basis:

1. Eating 30 minutes before workouts

With the proposal to ensure the energy required for the practice of the exercises, the suggestion is to feed themselves with, at least, thirty minutes in advance. “At this stage, it is best to ingest carbohydrates, which turn into glycogen, the substance that provides energy to the muscles,” says Gabriela Pereira, nutritionist, functional, and sport.

2. If necessary, restore the energy during the workout

The practice of high-intensity exercise asks for a break to spare calories. “Those who practice intense activities for more than one hour should consume sports drink, gel, or fruit, such as banana, to replenish carbohydrates in the middle of the workout”, guides the registered dietitian Andrea Andrade.

3. Search for a menu balanced

In the day-to-day a balanced diet is also pre-requisite! “At lunch and dinner you need to make a balanced meals that will restore what was spent while the body is at rest. A plate with rice, beans, lean meat, salad and vegetables or pasta with tomato sauce and a filet of fish or beef are good choices. The more colorful the dish, the better,” says Andrea.

4. Eat several times a day

Instead of eating only at breakfast, lunch and dinner, you prefer to split the feed, choosing five to six smaller portions during the day. “The amount of nutrients will depend on factors such as exercise intensity, type of exercise, health conditions, medicines, and body composition,” says the nutritionist Georgia Báchi.

5. Invest in food post-workout

Consuming proteins soon after completing the exercise routine is also essential. “This period, called the window of opportunity, basically corresponds to the time that our body is more susceptible to receive the nutrient, and the post-exercise is one of those moments,” says the nutritionist Georgia.

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