Running Workout to Burn Fat

The race is a type of aerobic exercise very efficient for weight loss and improvement of physical fitness, especially when practiced at high intensity, increasing the heart rate. Learn what are the benefits of aerobic exercise.

The running training that can lead to fat burning and consequently, weight loss may lead to the loss of 1-2kg per week, since it interleaves moments of high intensity with race more calm, which speeds up the metabolism and, consequently, increases the energy expenditure. However, the results may vary according to the person, as it depends on the biological individuality of each one, in addition to that, the weight loss is greater when there are more pounds to lose in addition to weight ideal.

Running Workout to Burn Fat 1

As the training can be done

The running workout to lose fat is done at 4 weeks, with progressive effort and days switched (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, for example), so that the muscle can rest and to prevent the loss of muscle mass. Before and after each workout it is important to perform stretching exercises to prepare the body and prevent injuries such as contractures or tendinitis, for example. Here’s how to do stretching exercises for the legs.

In addition to performing running workout to lose fat, they may be also made workouts for running distances specific or decrease the time, for example. Learn how it is done the training to run 5 and 10 km and how to pass of 10 to 15 km.

Running Workout to Burn Fat 2

What to do during the race

During the race it is important to drink at least 500 ml of water every 30 minutes of training to replenish minerals and water lost through sweat, in addition to being important to prevent cramps, which can arise due to dehydration.

In addition, to enhance the results of training, it is important to make a slimming diet, which typically includes fiber-rich foods and with fewer calories and that, therefore, it should not contain foods rich in sugar or fat. Learn how is made the diet for hypertrophy and fat loss.

If during the race you feel the call ‘calf pain’ or ‘pain fag’, it is important to focus on the breath, slow the step, and when the pain to pass, to recover the pace. See what are the main causes of pain in the race and what to do to avoid each of them.

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