Swimsense: Technology Becomes Your Swimming Workouts

So far we have seen little technology in the pool, as much a clock that measures the number of pitches that we swim. If I am sincere does not attract me much the idea of having gadgets for swimming but for whoever seeks new data on performance of swimsense It may be a good option.

With this brand new watch becomes the accelerometer pool for measure distances and recognise the different styles of swimming. In addition to be able to do a count of long ones, with the introduction of the appropriate parameters we can measure distance swim, the number of strokes and the average of these Cadence.

The watch is something billet and swimming can be uncomfortable, but with this kind of thing is getting used to. As a new pileup that price, can be connect via usb to your computer and upload the data to the Finis web service, something quite comfortable having all our data from swimming training on the net and then analysed by way of journal. The price for all its functions is not very high)200€), similar to any heart rate monitor mid-range.

I leave you with a video where you can see more graphically the functions, size and relevant aspects: