Tips to Not Give Up on the Academy

Attending the gym is a good way to lose weight, burn fat and to lose belly. However to maintain the results achieved are advised to continue doing the exercises, but at a lower intensity, for weight maintenance, in addition to maintaining a proper diet and healthy.

Thus it is possible to lose weight in a healthy way, and not get the fat back, improving the quality of life and preventing diseases. Then follow 3 tips to find pleasure in the gym to not get out of the academy and continue to attend the classes:

1. Be aware

It is important to be aware that the results do not appear overnight and that arise due to a combination of factors: practice, regular, and adequate orientation of physical activity and a balanced diet.

Tips to Not Give Up on the Academy 1

Not enough to go to the gym, sweat a lot three hours per day, every day, and find that the results are going to arise, on the contrary, the practice of physical exercises without guidance can result in injury, away from the person of the academy for weeks, which can mean “back to zero”.

It is also ideal to be aware that, even if you have already reached the desired weight, the physical activities and the correct power should continue so that the results can be long lasting and have improved physical fitness and quality of life.

2. Have goals

It is important to stipulate goals to be able to have more focus and, thus, achieve the goal more easily and without sacrifices, in addition to being able to have more regularity with going to the gym. A way to set goals is to leave annotated, or talk to yourself every day what your goal until the end of the month, such as for example: “Go to the gym 5 times per week, for 1 hour, to be able to lose 4kg by the end of a month.” In this way, going to the gym becomes not an obligation, but rather a challenge.

Tips to Not Give Up on the Academy 2

After achieving the first objective, for example, you can create another goal for that exercise to continue to be constant and will eventually turn routine, for example: “do Not get the fat back, continue to eat healthy foods, improve respiratory capacity and VO2 max”.

It is important to communicate to the dietician and the professional of physical education for that the diet and the type of training may be indicated according to the objective stipulated by the person.

3. Take into account the benefits

One of the ways not to give up of the academy is to train thinking that gymnastics is good for health and losing weight is only one of the benefits. The intestine improves, the skin becomes more clean, the lung increases the oxygenation of the brain, improving concentration and memory, the heart strengthens, the bones benefit from the muscle strengthening and provision increases. See what are the benefits of physical activity.

Tips to Not Give Up on the Academy 3

It is important to practice exercises regularly and guided by a trained professional, so that if may have benefits. One of the options for those who want to attend the academy with the goal of losing weight is doing exercises 4 to 5 times per week, with each workout an average duration of 1 hour. Learn what is the best exercise to lose weight.